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Product: Anointing Powders 2oz

Anointing Powders 2oz

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Add a little extra strength and longevity to your spell work with our magical sachet and anointing powders. Our powders are hand made from organic botanical herbs, essential oils, and ground crystal powders. Expertly crafted to bring the energy of spiritual blessings to your spells. These powders can be used in a wide variety of ways: Add to candles.


Use to clean alter or worship room or dust on talismans. Applying to the body, sprinkling them in an environment, applying to your tools (magical or otherwise), blow into the air, adding to other powders and so much more.


The difference between oils and sachets is that sachets can be applied to areas and materials such as cloth or paper without leaving a residue. Caution when using on the body as some oils and herbs could irritate sensitive skin. A little pinch goes a long way so a full packet of sachet powder should last for a long time.


Ingredients: powdered roots, herbs, flowers, real essential oils in a base of cornstarch, baking powder, and bentonite clay. Hand made is micro-batches packed full of energy and intention.


So, what kind of powder do you need?


  • Altar Powder - Use this powerful sachet powder to dress your altar.
  • Angel - Use to evoke your guardian angel.
  • Black Art - Use to cross or hex your enemy.
  • Dream - trying to contact someone psychically.
  • Enemies Back Off - Keep your enemies at a distance.
  • Ghost Chaser - Remove any spirits or demons from your home.
  • Glow of Attraction - Use to create a powerful attraction magnet and draw them close to you.
  • Go Away - Keep elements of evil out of your life.
  • Gris Gris - Add to spells and mojo bags to increase their potency.
  • Hot Foot - Use to make a person you want to get rid of feel uneasy or compelled to leave.
  • Healing - Use to assist in the healing process; for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Money - Use to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Goofer - Use to to hex an enemy.
  • Jinx Removal - remove a jinx or crossed condition.
  • Open Road - open your path to prosperity.
  • Protection Sachet Powder - ward off negative energies, promote safety & security, protect against harm & negativity.
  • Reversing - A powder to "return to sender". Send anything back that was sent your way.
  • Spell Breaker - break a spell or a hex that has been placed on you.
  • Spirit - Use when trying to contact someone psychically.
  • Van Van - Use to increase the strength of a spell or ritual.
  • Vesta - Used to amplify spells/manifestations. Use for cleansing, breaking curses/hexes, & removing negative energy.
  • Zora - Use to rid yourself of someone who is unwanted.


Disclaimer: Pursuant to State and Federal laws, The Simple Life is unable to make any claim as to the effectiveness of either the magical or medicinal efficacy of any of our products. Ingredients were chosen based upon legendary uses of them by many sources and are presented as such: folklore and legend. While our products are either traditional or specific to the craft we are unable to make any guarantees and must advise they are "Sold as Curios Only".

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