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Beautiful Blue Calcite Gemstone on Flat Cut Base -- 3 Available

Beautiful Blue Calcite Gemstone on Flat Cut Base -- 3 Available

Excluding Sales Tax


Stone A Weight: 0.768kg (1.69lb)

Stone B Weight: 1.047kg (2.30lb)

Stone C Weight: 0.620kg (1.66lb)

Some Benefits of Blue Calcite:

Helps to balance your emotion and remove emotional blocks.

Open heels and unblocks all chakras.

Aids in learning and memory and helps with memory to retain information.

Facilitates physical healing buy clearing negative energies and emotions.

Stimulates creative energies.

Allows users to think with a more pure mind. Offers increased vividness and understanding of dreams, and the imagery within them.

Allows users to better express and communicate the insights they receive.


Pursuant to State and Federal laws, The Simple Life is unable to make any claim as to the effectiveness of either the magical or medicinal efficacy of any of our products. Ingredients were chosen based upon legendary uses of them by many sources and are presented as such: folklore and legend. While our products are either traditional or specific to the craft we are unable to make any guarantees and must advise they are ""Sold as Curios Only". Please add the optional $2.75 insurance to your order via the link below.

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