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Chips  Red Carnelian Approx 60g

Chips Red Carnelian Approx 60g

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Approx. 60g. of Red Carnelian gemstone chips in a 1in. plastic bag. Perfect for spell bags, jars or crystal grid work.

Carnelian is usually used when dealing with a particular issue, often related to one's self-esteem. The stone can help enhance a person's self-esteem and confidence. It may also be used for those who are very emotional or impulsive.

This stone can help in releasing negative emotions while providing a positive outlook in life. This can be achieved by clearing out the negative emotions like anger, resentment, guilt, and fear.

The energy of this stone can also be used in cleansing the emotional body and the energy field of a person. It can also improve a person's creativity and enhance one's motivation in life.

Carnelian can help in finding the spirit's connection to the physical body. It can also increase one's willpower, spiritual growth, and awareness. It can be used in uniting the mind and body.

Aside from that, it can also help find one's life purpose and destiny. It can also help in finding one's talents and in making new friends. This stone can also help in letting go of the fear of the unknown.

A perfect gift for someone starting their spiritual journey.


Pursuant to State and Federal laws, The Simple Life is unable to make any claim as to the effectiveness of either the magical or medicinal efficacy of any of our products. Ingredients were chosen based upon legendary uses of them by many sources and are presented as such: folklore and legend. While our products are either traditional or specific to the craft we are unable to make any guarantees and must advise they are "Sold as Curios Only". Keep out of reach from children, Do not ingest. Burn responsibly, do not leave any flames unattended.

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