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Holy Water/Agua Bendita, Metaphysical Cleansing Water

Holy Water/Agua Bendita, Metaphysical Cleansing Water

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Plastic Bottle, 4.0 oz

Use to cleanse, purify & chase away evil. Some uses include:

1. Protect yourself, your family and your family.

2. Bless your spaces (home, work space, car, etc.); our spaces are in need of spiritual protection.

6. Bless your vegetable garden. It was a common practice in the Middle Ages for people to sprinkle their vegetable gardens with holy water.

7. Bless the sick. If you have sick friends or family, then blessing them with holy water as a spiritual work of mercy. If you visit the sick in a hospital or nursing home, bless their living space with holy water and leave a holy water bottle with them as a comfort in their time of need.

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