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Marigold Natural Dyed Orange Colored Altar Sand

Marigold Natural Dyed Orange Colored Altar Sand

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Add a natural touch to your altar with our Marigold Natural Dyed Orange Colored Sand. Perfect as a base for your chime candles, incense, resins, and more, this sand is a versatile addition to any witch's tool collection. Use it to absorb heat in your cauldron, smudge pot, charcoal burners, and incense burners. The color orange represents new opportunities and creativity, making it an essential energy to have in your sacred space. Bring even more magic into your practice with our natural dyed colored sand.


Ethically sourced, hand dyed in small batches and consecrated and charged with intention. Do not expose colored sand to water (unless intentional to achieve watercolor effects).

Please look for other colors available listed separately.Do not Ingest. Small children should be supervised. Sold as a curio.

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