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Moss Green Natural Dyed Colored Sand for your Altar 8oz

Moss Green Natural Dyed Colored Sand for your Altar 8oz

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Ritual Sand for Witchcraft~ Cauldron Sand, Witches Sand in an 8oz heat sealed bag. 

Colored sands are an important tool for spell craft ~ using the appropriate color and coordinating it with your intentions can boost your spell work. Sands provide the perfect base for chime candles, incense, resins, and enhance your altar. Use colored sand in your cauldron, smudge pot, charcoal burners, & incense burners. Sand works well to absorb heat.

Green is ideal for asking for abundance in all earthly things, whether you’re doing Earth and plant magic, or need help with manifesting more in the realms of success, prosperity, or health.

All sand is locally and ethically sourced, hand dyed in small batches and personally consecrated and charged with intention. Colors used are to honor and reflect colors found in nature. To avoid damage to sand and surrounding items, do not expose colored sand to water (unless intentional to achieve watercolor effects).

Please look for other colors available listed separately.
Do not Ingest. Small children should be supervised. Sold as a curio.

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