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Oak Moss Soap Bar Handmade Natural, Hand Cut

Oak Moss Soap Bar Handmade Natural, Hand Cut

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Our wildly popular Oak Moss Soap is back in stock!

Oak Moss Soap
A grayish green moss that grows on oak trees in Northwestern America and Europe, and one of the most classic base notes used in perfumery. Oakmoss fragrance is a deep, earthy, woodsy essence with floral undertones. A dusty, hunter green fragrance.  Oakmoss smells comforting and steadying on a deep level. Many consider it effective in money spells, and it definitely works well as an elemental earth scent.  Oakmoss is the 'Green Man' of essential oils, it embodies the spirit of an ancient forest. Its deep green, earthy, musky scent is raw and primal, yet conveys the gentle side of the male aspect of nature.

Oakmoss can be used to attune to the spirit of the forest and the Gods of nature. It is grounding and sensual in an earthy sort of way. It enhances sensitivity and awareness and may be used by those who wish to listen to the nature spirits and the voice of Mother Earth. There is a raw, Pan-like erotic energy to this scent, a little wild and unpredictable. It is also associated with money magic and abundance.


saponified oils of palm, olive, coconut & shea butter, oak moss absolute essential oil, purple pigment, black pigment

Pure and natural, cold process soap, no artificial fragrance, vegetarian-friendly, no animal fats used – not tested on animals. Does not contain any parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, unnatural preservatives, or petroleum products.  Bars are hand-cut and weigh between 4.0 and 4.3 ounces.

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