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Soapstone Scrying & Smudge Bowl, Leaves Carving

Soapstone Scrying & Smudge Bowl, Leaves Carving

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Soapstone Scrying Bowl, with beautiful leaves Carving, approx. size 5" in diameter and 2" in height.

Offering bowls are important tools on many Pagan, Wiccan. and some witchcraft tradition’s altars. They are often plates or bowls used to hold offerings that we wish to offer to the Divine. They can be made from metal, wood, gemstones, or any other material. The important part of the offering bowl or plate is what is placed inside. Offerings often include herbs, liquids, powders, gemstones, and anything else that the individual might deem worthy as an offering to their deity. Offering bowls are commonly placed on an altar or sacred space after a prayer has been made to the Divine.


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