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Wood Altar table Moon Phases 18"

Wood Altar table Moon Phases 18"

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An altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices and votive offerings are made for religious purposes, or some other sacred place where ceremonies take place and your altar table sits.

An altar table is a sacred, personal space for spiritualists. Your altar table is defined by you. An altar can be made of anything you choose, and can be indoors or outside depending on the purpose you desire. Some choose to have several altar tables devoted to particular energies, goddesses or gods, or for different rituals that are currently ongoing. An altar table may be a permanent part of the home or a portable set of items set on a surface which will be consecrated and released at each event.

Please note this altar table is meant to sit on top of your table, (this table measures approx. 18" inches in diameter and is foldable for putting away. This is not a full sized table or an altar. Please also view the pictures carefully, note that the painting on this table is meant to be rustic and perfect for anyone who loves a natural look.

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